4 Funny Things Only The Bodybuilding Community Understands

The bodybuilding community is like its own little world and once you catch the bug, even if you swore you would never become a lunk… you get hooked. You become a lunk. From one lunk to another, here are 4 funny things that only those in the bodybuilding world can understand…

Protein + Love Interest = Interesting Date.

Protein makes up the majority of our diets and we have come to except that we are the freak who always eats chicken breast at every meal… even breakfast. Cupcakes? Sure. Slap some chicken breast on ours. It may seem overzealous, but we all know that the protein pack-on is necessary to get the bodies that get us the chicks…

The only problem is the, well, problem protein creates. Protein gas is the single nastiest thing you will smell today and, let’s just say, if a girl can love you after knowing the, um, side effects of protein… she is certainly a keeper.

You Feel Like You Need a Confessional When You Miss a Workout.

You hit a baby squirrel on your way to work. You felt TERRIBLE. You missed a workout… and felt almost as terrible. Missing a workout session only happens for two reasons when you are in the bodybuilding community – someone died… or you did. Every other excuse will promptly leave you feeling like you need to get to Gold’s Gym and apologize to the biggest guy by the free weights.

You Make It Look Easy… It’s Not Always Easy.

You lift heavy and those workouts are brutal. You spend the next few days trying to recover and, basically, not die. Your friends who are not into bodybuilding just see you snacking away like a ravenous tyrannosaurus rex and say, “Jesus! Rick’s biceps are huge… and to think he just stuffs his face all day. Sign me up.” It’s nice to be appreciated… but it does suck when people do not understand how hard it is to grow or even maintain your best body.

You Grab Your Own Butt.

Look… I think that this is just as creepy as the next guy, but I do it too. Hell, everyone in bodybuilding does it. Squats, dead lifts, Romanian split squats… they are all incredible for targeting our legs – and our butt joins along for the ride. The thing is, our butts are one of the few areas that we can really feel for ourselves and because change takes so much time, it is really motivating to see changes when they arrive. So, if our buns are growing… you can bet your life that we are going to touch them. Don’t judge. If you’re nice, we might let you touch them too. Wait… no we won’t. That just came across like some weirdo in the parking lot under the dimly lit streetlamp right?

Bodybuilding may be a serious business, but while we take our bodies seriously… we don’t take ourselves very serious. From the increases in energy to the feel good endorphins post-workout, if we are not in the middle of a set… you can usually find us laughing about how ridiculous we are – in the middle of a chicken breast sandwich.